Dear Brother Chapman,


You probably do not know me.  My name is Rodney Ragwan.  I serve as the immediate past President of the Baptist Association of South Africa (BASA) which is a fairly new member of the Baptist World Alliance.  BASA also co-operates with the SBC here in our country and we have been doing this for over twenty years.  As an advocate for peace and reconciliation I was saddened to learn of the decision of the committee to withdraw from the BWA.  This withdrawal renders the Baptists as being disunited.  I write from a country where disunity was promoted under the apartheid government.  As a result Baptists in the country were also fragmented.  Today we are thankful to God and to leaders like Dr Nelson Mandela that we are now a united South Africa.  Baptists in our country, as well, have begun a process of working together despite our differences.  I also read with interest the communication of Dr Geoff Pound to you.  I want to say that I agree with his suggestion for a forum.  Dialogue with regards to this matter should be considered.


The world is watching us, they want to see how we are going to live out our faith through this.  Above all God is watching us.


I will be praying for you brother Chapman.  I know these are difficult times for you all.


"Blessed are the peace makers"


Rev. Rodney Ragwan

Past President of the Baptist Association of South Africa


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