Comments at the Spiritual Walk for Peace in Oklahoma City

By Dr. Bruce Prescott



Half way around the world about 250,000 of our friends and neighbors are waiting for a command from the president of the United States.  Those courageous men and women stand ready at a moment’s notice to sacrifice their lives, if need be, in the defense of our nation.  The world needs to know that we stand with them and support them as they fulfill their duties.  They are doing exactly what the leaders of our country have commanded them to do. 


As those men and women stand ready to conscientiously fulfill their duties as soldiers, we have walked today to conscientiously fulfill our duties as citizens.   As citizens of a democracy, we all have a voice in the affairs of our nation.  Each of us has a responsibility to raise our voice and express our concerns when we perceive that the policies by which our nation is governed lack wisdom and prudence.


I am here to raise my voice.  I believe that many of our government’s policies lack wisdom and prudence.  I think they are misguided.   No nation that strikes another pre-emptively can lay claim to being just – even when that strike is against a dictator as ruthless and murderous as Saddam Hussein.


For the past few days and weeks people around the world have been telling America that we need to renew our commitment to human rights and to the rule of international law and to refrain from using force to achieve our interests.  We have heard them.  We pray that our leaders will hear them as well.


We pray that the crisis in Iraq will end peacefully and that none of our soldiers will be required to risk life or injury.  We pray that Saddam Hussein will account for his weapons, surrender them and step down.  We pray that our leaders to have the wisdom and patience to resolve this crisis by diplomatic means.


Go in peace with these prayers on your heart.


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