Parkview Baptist Church, Gainesville, Florida

Adopted February 8, 2004


Whereas, The people of God called Parkview Baptist Church of Gainesville, Florida has been a cooperating church in good standing with the Santa Fe River Baptist Association, the Florida Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) since it was constituted in January of 1959;


Whereas, The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) was organized in 1905, born out of the hearts and minds of Baptists worldwide, led by Southern Baptists' eagerness and initiative "in order to more fully show the essential oneness of Baptist people in the Lord Jesus Christ" (BWA Constitution Preamble);


Whereas, The SBC has supported the BWA for nearly 100 years through prayer, finances, leadership, service and cooperation;


Whereas, The BWA Study Committee of the SBC Executive Committee is poised to recommend a cessation of support and cooperation; * and


Whereas, Parkview Baptist Church has made this issue a matter of research, discussion and prayerful concern; now, therefore, be it


Resolved, That Parkview Baptist Church strongly urges SBC Executive Committee President Morris H. Chapman, Chairman Gary A. Smith, Vice-Chairman William E. (Bill) Anderson, appointed/elected members of the BWA Study Committee and all other duly elected members of the SBC Executive Committee at its regular meeting on February 16-17, 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee, to defeat any recommendations and/or motions to withdraw fellowship and funding between the SBC and the BWA;


Resolved, That Parkview Baptist Church implores the SBC Executive Committee to present a report to the SBC Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, June 15-16, 2004 pledging continued membership of the SBC with our Baptist families, brothers, sisters and children around the world through fellowship with the BWA; and


Resolved, That Parkview Baptist Church humbly and respectfully requests that our duly elected members of the SBC Executive Committee openly and fairly discuss any recommendations and/or motions in open session with a recorded, roll call vote.


*Adopted February 17-18, 2003 and reported in the Annual of the 2003 SBC, pages 109-110.





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