Dear Editor:

"Southern Seminary President, Al Mohler, is quoted in the Courier-Journal News (18 January 2004) as saying the Baptist World Alliance has outlived its purpose, having been formed in "the steamship age" and now being a bureaucracy that is irrelevant to "the age of instant communications, Internet, air travel."

Surely he would not wish the same fate for the SBC or Southern Seminary simply because they were birthed in the horse and cart era.  I appreciate the benefits of modern communication but as a Baptist in Australia, I value the annual opportunities that the Baptist World Alliance creates to bring Baptists together from all corners of the globe for encouragement, training, worship and building strong friendships.

In the 2000-2005 quinquennium Al Mohler has been a member of the BWA's study commissions and the Academic & Theological Education Workshop.  If he attended these gatherings he would recognize that they are not about bureaucracy but building up Baptists in the Christian faith."


Rev. Dr. Geoff Pound

Baptist Union of Australia

Melbourne, Australia


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