Cuban Baptist Revival Continues, Reports BWA General Secretary


House churches and baptisms in Cuba are proliferating, according to a report from Baptist World Alliance General Secretary Denton Lotz, who visited Cuba in February.  Lotz reports there are more than 2,500 house churches started in just eight years.  He was present at the dedication of one such group where 60 people came to dedicate the opening of a Baptist house church.


In newly released figures, growth among all Cuban Baptists has gone from 2,000 places of worship and a community of 80,000 to more than 4,500 worship places and a community of more than 200,000 worshippers.


In the Eastern Baptist Convention of Cuba, there were thousands confessions of faith last year, although only 2,000 baptisms because there is a one year period of discipleship before a person is baptized.


Growth is is reported among four Cuban Baptist member bodies of the Baptist World Alliance, who are now working more closely together after reconciliation talks with the BWA, and because of the 2000 BWA General Council meetings in Cuba which brought all of the groups together for the first time.


- Eastern Baptist Convention: 295 churches, 23,000 members, community, 80,000 1000 missions and more than 1,000 house churches


- Fraternidad of Baptists: 31 churches, 4,000 members, community, 10,000 Missions, 66 and 70 house churches


- Free Will Baptists: 36 churches, 2,000 members, community 6,000, missions 66, and 40 house churches


- Western Baptist Convention: 205 churches, 17,000 members, community 70,000, missions, 300 and house churches 1,500.


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