Subject: re: BWA-SBC

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 13:44:55 +0200

From: Branko Lovrec <>

To: Morris Chapman <>


Dear Mr. Chapman,


As the days of Christmas celebration has ended, I am aware of the very sad news regarding the BWA relationship with SBC.  I just wonder how God looks upon this, as Jesus has prayed "That all may be one".  We are trying to develop Christian relationship with the similar, evangelical and other Christians in the specific countries and world wide, and all of a sudden such news has been like a bomb especially just before Christmas.


I have personally been very proud of our Baptist identity and unity, since we have been more that others united in one body of believers called Baptist.  Now, how can I present the truth to our media and other denominations that are falling apart in my country of Croatia?


Should I tell them that on the international level similar things are happening, the division over peripheral matters?  Or should I just keep silent and say that we are still together as one body united for close to 100 years?  I ask God to help me in my personal thinking what to do and how to react.  Whom to call for a counsel?  Only God can intervene and settle the matter.


I really do not know what is the issue to separate us from the brothers and sisters in the SBC?  Maybe I am too ignorant, but let us be honest and state what bothers us.  All can change the peripheral matters, sticking to the main issue of the Gospel, which all of us hold tight.


As one of the Vice-presidents of BWA, I will devote my tome to prayer that God can intervene and settle the matter so that we may not be ashamed before the unbelieving world who will only rejoice in our separation.  May God help us!


Sincerely in His divine service,


Branko Lovrec

[BWA vice president and former President of the Baptist Union of Croatia]


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