Special Motion on Baptist World Alliance passed by Brazilian Baptist Convention, meeting in annual session, January 16, 2004, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


1) The importance of the Baptist World Alliance as an entity that has brought together the Baptist World family for almost one-hundred years;

2) The growing credibility of the Baptist World Alliance, as a Baptist entity, in the defense of fundamental liberties, especially religious liberty, in dozens of countries where Baptists suffer persecution or restrictions to their liberty to witness;

3) The important participation of the Southern Baptist Convention in the creation of the Baptist World Alliance in London in 1905, and during the last almost one hundred years,

4) The information that has reached this assembly of the Brazilian Baptist Convention concerning a possible withdrawal of the Southern Baptist Convention from the Baptist World Alliance, both in terms of personnel as well as in terms of finances, as proposed by its Executive Committee;

5) The losses which such a withdrawal would bring to the unity of the Baptist family around the world and to the effectiveness of the Baptist witness around the world, already so divided and marked by violence;

It is proposed:

1) That this Convention reaffirm its intention to contribute effectively, with finances and personnel, to the on-going activity and blessing of the Baptist World Alliance, as a point of reference and contact for the Baptist world family;

2) That this convention send an appeal to the Southern Baptist Convention asking it to maintain its precious cooperation with the Baptist World Alliance, in terms of leadership, talents and financial resources;

3) That we commit ourselves to pray for the unity of the Baptist world family.

[Following the presentation of the motion, Charlotte Hallock Greenhaw made an appeal to the Brazilian Baptist Convention that we all pray until June, when the Southern Baptist Convention meets, as the withdrawal of that convention from the Baptist World Alliance would be a negation of the unity of the Body of Christ.  The proposal was overwhelming approved by the assembly.]

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