Vol. 3, No. 3     July 2000    Editor:  Bruce Prescott

Director Comments to Daily Oklahoman

On June 17th an article in the Religion Section of the Daily Oklahoman quoted some of my comments to the paper’s Religion Editor.  In reference to the new BFM as a whole I said, “They have promoted the Bible so much that they have demoted Jesus.”  I used the SBC’s position on women pastor’s to illustrate how the document redefines the doctrine of soul competency from being “under God” to being “under the church.”  I said, “How does anyone know that they are called by God?  Where did they get the audacity to think that they could even presume to limit God to what was revealed 2000 years ago?  Their names are not written in the Bible.  Their callings are not revealed in scripture.  No pastor can use the Bible to prove that he was called by God.  If a woman is called by God, it is by the same process that a man is called by God.  She wrestles with God in her own heart and soul and conscience and decides whether God is really calling her to be a pastor. . . . They are putting themselves in the place of God’s Spirit.  What they are saying is that you are accountable to our interpretation of scripture, which is that God’s not going to do that.”

Please note that culture has nothing to do with the process described above.  It is entirely a process of listening to the voice of the Spirit of God.  Frankly, any Southern Baptist woman who believes that God is calling her to the pastorate is not following her culture.  She is going against the grain of the primary culture of her life — the culture of her church.

Bruce Prescott




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