Vol. 1, No. 1    April 1998

Our Covenant


The immediate focus of this organization shall be to:


  To uphold historic Baptist principles.

These Baptist principles include separation of church and state, congregational government, congregational autonomy, and confessionalism.


  To promote the full inclusion and participation of all Baptists in the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

This organization shall support nominees for BGCO officers who make appointments representing the diversity of Baptist life in Oklahoma (e.g. age, geography, theology, politics, gender, laity/clergy).  In this regard the organization can be political, and it will strive to be honest and principled in the process.  This organization is not attempting to take over any institution or organization, or fire any individual, or exclude anyone from full participation in Oklahoma Baptist life.


  To preserve and protect the constitution and bylaws of the BGCO from creedalistic amendments or BGCO policies and practices which might threaten local church autonomy.

Membership in the BGCO is presently based upon a willingness to cooperate with and contribute to the BGCO.  This organization shall resist any amendments that require a membership based on creedal affirmation.  Likewise, any BGCO policy that threatens the autonomy of the local church in any manner should be resisted.  We shall uphold the BGCO constitution which states, "This convention shall have no ecclesiastical authority or power whatever and shall never assume to exercise judicial or legislative control over the churches.


  To preserve and protect academic freedom at Oklahoma Baptist University.

OBU shall remain a part of the BGCO and this organization has no desire to alter that relationship.  Our desire is that the education at OBU be theologically rooted but not creedally restricted.


  To preserve and protect a free, responsible, and fair Baptist press in Oklahoma.

This organization believes that a Baptist press cannot be a mouthpiece for only one group in Oklahoma Baptist life.


If these objectives seem worthy to you, we invite you to Join Mainstream Baptists



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