Vol. 1, No. 3,  NOVEMBER 1998      Editor:  Bruce Prescott


The Christian Family:  Mutual Submission or Chain of Command?

Use the Best Greek Texts!

Look it up Yourself!

The SBC's Family Amendment:  Confession or Creed?

Convention Ignoring Domestic Violence

So Much for Academic Freedom . . . !

Facing Fundamentalism

Why Baptists Need Free Education

Resolution Against the Imposition of the SBC's Family Amendment

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Unsolicited Responses to our Newsletter the MAINSTREAM MESSENGER


"Your newsletter criticizing the SBC's amendment on the family has restored my faith in Oklahoma Baptists."
Nancy Beal,    Stigler, OK


"Thanks for your most excellent article on conscience.  I have been studying the issue for years -- your comments were truly enlightening."
Don Beadles,    Alva, OK


"I thank God for this effort.  I think the SBC and the political, religious right are straying into Phariseeism.  History proves that this is always disastrous."
Judith Thompson,     El Reno, OK




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