Vol. 2, No. 2     April 1999 

Fundamentalist Faleshood Unfurled

by Bruce Prescott

For two decades Baptist life has been bound and furled to the word "inerrant."

Fundamentalists claim that the "original texts" of the Bible are "inerrant." Mainstream Baptists hold that it is enough to affirm the authority of the Bible that we now possess.

Fundamentalists consistently accuse those who refuse to use word "inerrant" of not believing the Bible. Mainstream Baptists persistently insist that we do believe the Bible — we just interpret it differently.

In the 1980’s the Fundamentalists pressed their charges before the only court with jurisdiction in Baptist life — the annual meeting of the SBC. They also conspired to rig the jury and prejudicially influence its deliberations. They succeeded in stacking the jury pool and in silencing all dissenting opinions.

Since the verdict of the 80‘s, Mainstream Baptists have been considered guilty until proven innocent. Evidence that Fundamentalists bear false witness, however, continues to mount. Recent exhibits include the January 28, 1999 issue of the Baptist Messenger and the April 1999 issue of SBC Life.

Both periodicals print articles attempting to defend the SBC’s 1998 Family amendment to the Baptist Faith and Message. Both articles concede that the Greek text of Ephesians 5:21 contains the word "submit." Both periodicals admit that the best Greek text of Ephesians 5:22 does not contain the word "submit." Both try to explain why Baptists should believe that the Bible teaches that wives should submit to their husbands (5:22) while denying the Bible’s explicit command that husbands and wives "submit to one another" (5:21).

Here we can only note what has been obvious to some of us for 20 years.

Wb01405_.gif (1255 bytes)

The dispute is, in fact, a difference in interpretation and involves no denial of biblical authority.

Wb01405_.gif (1255 bytes)

Why then were professors Alan Brehm and Dan Kent forced to resign for affirming the authority of the biblical text over a human interpretation imposed on them by the Fundamentalist trustees at Southwestern Seminary?.


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