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Was Mohammad a Terrorist?


Mainstream Baptists strongly disagree with Jerry Falwell’s recent characterization of Mohammad as a “terrorist.”  Jerry Falwell, Jerry Vines, Franklin Graham and the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention do not speak for all Baptists or for all conservative evangelical Christians.   Their intemperate remarks poorly represent the spirit of Christ, fuel hostilities between people of different faiths, and endanger the lives of Christians around the world.

Rather than pointing fingers at people of different faiths,  we should dialogue with them respectfully and demonstrate the love and grace that God revealed in Jesus Christ.


While we do not hold to the tenets of Islam, we vigorously defend the right of all persons to worship freely according to the dictates of their own consciences.

Most Baptists in Texas and Virginia and Mainstream Baptists across the U.S. oppose attempts to influence our nation’s foreign policy to conform with highly questionable interpretations of  “end times” biblical prophecies.

Many of us support the right of Palestinian Arabs to live freely in a homeland of their own.  All of us affirm the right of every person to live in peace — free from all forms of terrorism — and under just governance.


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