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From: Gretchen Kindrick [mailto:gkinder@earthlink.net]
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 6:38 PM
To: bprescott@mainstreambaptists.org
Cc: Ross Fryer
Subject: Termination of missionaries

Greetings in Christ!

    My name is Gretchen Kindrick.... formerly Gretchen Fryer.  My parents were missionaries in Indonesia for many years.  We went to that precious country when I was 3, and so naturally, it quickly became my home. 

    I have so many fond memories of my childhood, so many wonderful blessings, and one of the dearest was my mission family.  It has been with great sadness that I have watched the events unfold regarding signing this "creed".  It has also been with great amazement.  Never would I have believed that this could/would happen.  Not only because it puts the commitment and honor of these precious people who have given their hearts and lives to spreading the gospel of Christ into question, but quite frankly, it smacks of "legalism". 

    I am so very proud that there are those who are willing to stand for Christ and His word FIRST, and not bow to the desires of men.  I wonder if each Christmas as the IMB  takes in their Lottie Moon Christmas offering if they are considering the fact that this money that it used to support their organization is an offering named after a woman who acted for all intents and purposes as "senior pastor".....????? 

    I pray that God will wash the film from their eyes and remove the walls from around their hearts.  I pray that those who have stood strong and firm on the Biblical principals that are so clear in God's word will have joy and peace and healing.  I am so grateful for my own parents and their stand.  God truly blessed me by allowing me to be their child.  It was by Grace and Grace alone that I became His child, and for that there just are not the right words. 


Gretchen Fryer Kindrick


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